Bible Symbols Glossary

In the Bible, everything testifies about Jesus. A big part of this is found in symbolic words. The writers of the Bible mentioned symbolic words often (Heb. 9:24, Gal. 4:24, Eph. 5:13, 1 Pet. 3:21). Here is a list of some of those words and their biblical proof.

Adult – Fully knowledgable (see “Baby/Infant“).

Alive/Living – Active (see “Dead“)

Altar – Possibly a person’s heart (Definition may be broader. Also see “Burnt Sacrifices/Tithes/Various Offerings”).

Ark (Tebah) – Flesh (not to be confused with the word “Ark” as in the “Ark of the Covenant,” but only the word “Tebah” [literally, “box, chest”] as used in Genesis 6-9 and Exodus 2).

Arrow – Similar or the same as “Sword.” Probably something that divides, shatters (see “Sword”).

Baby/Infant (Often Incorrectly Translated “Child”) – Unlearned, lacking knowledge, immature (“Adult” therefore, would mean “fully knowledgable”).

Bread/Corn/Wheat/Grain – Life, something that makes active.

Burnt Sacrifices/Tithes/Various Offerings – Worship, thanksgiving (also see “Altar“)

Buying/Spending Money – Used synonymously with labor, work.

Canaan – Earth (either the present earth or the new one).

Coat/Clothing – Refers to something exterior, on the outside. Used for manifestation. Also used for flesh (Unclothed/naked would mean a spirit without a flesh/nothing exterior).

Cliff/Rock – Similar or the same as Mountain/Hill. Heaven or a native of Heaven. 

Crown/Upon The Head– Associated with manifestation. Possibly on the top, on the surface. Hence visible, not hidden. 

Dark/Shade/Shadow – Anything that makes things not visible, hidden. Either in the sense of blindness, concealment or in the sense of protection (also see “Light/Lamp/Brightness“).

Dead – Inactive (alive would therefore mean “Active.” Also note: Putting something to “death” would mean rendering it inactive. Giving “life” to something would mean empowering it to activity.)

Dog – Fool, unlearned

Egypt – The Gentiles (meaning either non-Jew or non-heavenly, because Heaven is true Israel).

Evil Eye – Someone whose mind seeks physical things (Definition may be broader. While a good eye/whole eye seems to refer to someone whose whole mind is fixed on the Lord).

Fasting – Definition uncertain. Associated with rest and the Sabbath.

Fear/Trembling – Submission, obedience (Definition may be broader). 

Fire – Similar or the same as Light/Lamp/Brightness. Probably something that makes things visible, manifest, exposed (Also used in reference to testing, in the sense of proving/revealing the quality of something).

Fish – Something or someone belonging to the underworld or death. Knowing that “the Sea” is a term for the underworld, fish is used for those who belong to it. It also seems to be used for death or the dead (see “The Sea/The Deep”).

Fortresses/Walls – Definition uncertain. Refers to unbelief.

Fruit – Strength or an exertion of strength.

Good/Whole Eye – Someone whose whole mind is fixed on the Lord (Definition may be broader. See “Evil Eye“)

Ground/Field/Clay/Dust – Flesh, man.

Hairy – Definition uncertain. Associated with prophets or prophesying.

Harlotry/Fornication – Turning away from the gospel/the covenant.

Heart – Insides, inner

Horse – Probably refers to strength (Definition may be broader).

Inner Man/inner House – The mind (inner flesh)

Iron – Definition uncertain. Possibly something that crushes, breaks in pieces.

Knees/Between The Knees – The place of birth (Definition is probably broader).

Light/Lamp/Brightness – Anything that makes things visible, manifest, exposed (also see “Dark/Shade/Shadow“).

Lifting The Eyes – Probably seeing something heavenly or spiritual.

Lion – King, ruler

Milk – Simple. Therefore it can be used in the sense of “unmixed, undefiled, uncorrupted” (hence clean, pure) or in the sense of uncomplicated, easy. 

Morning/Day – A time period where things are seen, visible, manifest (see Light/Lamp/Brightness). Hence “night” would be a time period where things are not seen (see Dark/Shade/Shadow).

Mountain/Hill – Heaven or a native of heaven.

Night – A time period where things are not seen, visible, manifest (see Morning/Day)

Oil/Olives/Anointing – Something that makes clear, without blockage or obstruction. Either in the sense of making something visible/manifest or in the sense of something being made smooth without hinderance. 

Ox/Donkey – Servant (also see definition for “Yoke”). 

Raven – Definition uncertain. Associated with feeding. 

Salt – Exact definition uncertain. Similar or the same as “Light/Lamp/Brightness” and “Fire.” Therefore, having to do with making manifest or proving the quality of something..  

The Sea/The Deep – Under the earth, underworld (the Sea is either the name for Hell, or more likely, Hell is a part of the Sea).  

Sitting/Lying Down – Inactive. Used in various senses, such as rest from working, incapability to work, or death (“Standing” therefore means, active).  

Son/Daughter/Offspring– Like unto, equal to, partaking of another’s likeness (not to be confused with the word “Infant,” which is unfortunately translated “child” many times).  

Staff/Rod – Leadership, guidance.  

Standing – Active (see Sitting/Lying Down).

Stone – Still, by implication dead (because dead means inactive), by implication eternal (in the sense of enduring, remaining), by implication firm (in the sense of unmoving).  

Stone Rolled Away – Flesh no longer working, but the Spirit.  

Sword – Something that divides.  

Tent/Tabernacle/House/Dwelling – Flesh (Definition may be broader). 

Thorns/Briers – Useless. Either in the sense of having no profit or in the sense of being idle, still and inutile. Used as the opposite of fruit. 

Valley/Bottoms Of The Mountains – Under the earth, underworld (the Valley is either the name for Hell, or Hell is a part of the Valley). 

Vessel/Pot – Flesh. 

Waterless Pit – Under the earth, underworld (Hell is either the name for the pit or is part of the pit).  

Wine/Grapes/Vine/Intoxicating Drink – Something that causes thoughtlessness, forgetfulness, unconsciousness. By implication, it can refer to “causing rest,” in the sense of “thoughtless/careless.” Also by implication, it can refer to rejoicing the heart, due to it meaning thoughtless/careless. Being drunk can therefore mean all of the above as well.  

Yoke – Service (also see definition for “Ox/Donkey”).  

Keep checking back. More words to be added…

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