Prosper Now

Length: 3 minutes

Just because you have not seen the full manifestation of God’s power in one area of your life, does not mean you cannot, and should not, prosper like crazy in your life!

Sometimes, when we’re waiting for that better job, that healing for our body, that godly spouse, or some other manifestation of God, we put our prosperity on hold like we can’t prosper until that thing gets manifested! We end up just sitting on our hands, waiting for our ship to come in. We end up putting our prosperity off until that particular manifestation comes around. I’ve got some advice for you: Stop waiting! Prosperity lives inside of you, and He’s ready to prosper you now!

An excellent example of this is Joseph. If anyone had an excuse to think he couldn’t prosper, it might be Joseph. God promised him that he would reign one day. Yet He was hated by his family, so much so that he was sold into slavery. Then he was falsely accused and sent to prison. If many of us were in Joseph’s shoes (or lack of them), we would be sitting around in prison, waiting for that manifestation that God had promised! But Joseph didn’t do that. Joseph prospered as a slave! He was treated as the head of a wealthy man’s household! Joseph even prospered in prison. He was treated like a warden over all the prisoners!

Joseph didn’t sit on his hands, waiting for that promise to be manifested. Joseph decided to change his thinking and prosper now! Just because you haven’t seen a particular manifestation in full yet, doesn’t mean that God jumped out of you. You’ve got the prosperity and power of God living inside of you. Stop sitting around, waiting for your ship to come in. Change your thinking and prosper now! 

God will show you things to set your hand to, that He wants to prosper! I don’t care if you’re in a hospital bed, or you’re in prison, or you’re a slave. Prosperity doesn’t come from outside of you. It comes from Jesus within you! So, stop excusing your lack of prosperity, blaming it on everything outside of you, and realize that you are a prosperous person already! Prosperity Himself lives in you. Stop waiting for some event in the future, change your thinking, and start prospering now! 

Joseph did eventually reign just the way that the Lord told him, but he didn’t sit around neglecting the Holy Spirit inside of him until then. He realized that he was like a tree planted by a river of water, which can prosper at any point in time (Jeremiah 17, Psalms 1). For crying out loud, live life like you’ve really got that water of life inside of you! It’s ready to bear fruit no matter the climate, no matter the environment, no matter the circumstance! Stop waiting for your ship to come in. In whatever avenue the Lord provides, change your thinking and you can start prospering now ! 

You shouldn’t be waiting for prosperity. Prosperity is waiting to be acknowledged in you.

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