Whatever You Want, You Can See – Part 3

Length: 6 minutes

In our last two articles, we have been explaining how we can see everything that Jesus put in us, manifest tangibly. Jesus told us that if we believe, we would see the glory of God manifest (John 11:40). This assurance that Jesus gave us, that we would see the glory of God, is called “hope” in the Bible. Hope is the sure expectancy that what we ALREADY have will manifest physically (Romans 8:24). That’s biblical hope.

You see, God wants us to acknowledge every good thing that’s inside of us. That’s vitally important. That is how we receive from God — by acknowledging what we already have in Christ — but God also wants you to have the full confidence that these things will indeed manifest, to change your physical body and life!

It’s one thing to know that you have everything and that it’s already inside of you. We should rejoice over that fact! But did you know that there is a further joy which comes from knowing that everything you have will also manifest physically?! Yep, Paul speaks about the rejoicing and boasting that comes from knowing that the glory of God will manifest through you.

Romans 5:2 (NKJV) …we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and rejoice [or boast] in hope of the glory of God.

Paul talks about “hope” here. We know from our past articles that this “hope” that the Bible speaks about is an expectancy — not an expectancy that we will get something from God in the future, but merely an expectancy that what we have will be revealed physically through us! That’s what “hope” is. It’s expecting that what you have will manifest as you believe!

But notice this: Paul said that he rejoices (or boasts) in this expectancy! He’s saying that he expects the glory of God to manifest in his life, and this brings him a rejoicing and a boasting!

You see, knowing that you have every blessing inside of you causes great rejoicing. We rejoice because we’ve already been made perfect! We rejoice because we are already complete and have everything! But there is a further rejoicing and boasting that comes from knowing that this glory will manifest through you as well! Not only can we rejoice because we have these things, but we can rejoice in hope that His glory will surely manifest from us! That’s “boasting in hope of the glory of God.“

I’m not saying you should get happy once you see the manifestation of something. Any physically minded person can do that. I’m simply saying that we should rejoice over the fact that God has given us the right to manifest everything inside of us!

Not only should you be happy that you’ve got the solution to every issue, right inside of you, but you should also boast in the fact that these things will surely manifest through you! This is an extra kind of joy that is more than just knowing it’s inside of you. It’s a joy in knowing that these things will manifest to fix all of your physical problems, meet all of your physical needs, and conform your outside to the image of Jesus (Romans 8:29)!

If these things never manifested, or if we had to wait for some designated time in the future (as most Christians believe), well, that would cause us great sorrow. We would know about all the good things inside of us, but we would be sorrowful because we wouldn’t be able to experience them now. But this is not the case! Having these things inside of you is just half the fun. The other half is knowing that they will manifest through you to fix and provide whatever is needed in your physical life! That’s called “boasting in expectancy of the glory of God.”

The Lottery

Let me give you a story to illustrate rejoicing and boasting in hope:

Imagine that someone is in terrible financial straits. Their finances are in the gutter and they are depressed. But their friend tells them that they just won the lottery. They may not believe their friend at first. In fact, they may refute it. But perhaps, through some convincing, their friend makes them realize that they have indeed won the lottery. Even though that person may have the same stack of bills on their dining room table. Even though their bank account is still empty, they would begin rejoicing with a tremendous joy, simply because they have realized what they’ve been given, and because they have a sure expectancy that those bills are getting paid sooner or later.

In that example, was that person depressed because they had bills stacked up? Of course not. They started rejoicing even before the bills were paid. They start rejoicing even when the bank account was still empty. And why? For two reasons: 1) They realized what they had (which is most important), and 2) They had a sure expectancy that what they had would manifest soon and those bills would be paid.

That person was completely satisfied with what they had, even before they saw any difference in their circumstance, because they knew that what they had would manifest shortly. They were full of nothing but excitement and anticipation, expecting that they would see the results of what they had become convinced they already had!

Now as we stated in the last article, I’m not saying that we receive from God because we have a sure expectancy. Expecting something for the future does not cause you to receive anything from God (contrary to popular opinion). We receive from God strictly by faith in what Jesus has ALREADY done (past tense). But when we believe what Jesus has already done, we can have a sure expectancy that it will manifest. Simple as that. It’s not how we receive. It’s just part of our inheritance! And having this sure expectancy makes us very happy.

We have something very special in Christ. It’s the fix to all problems, it’s the provision for all needs, and it’s the healing of all disease. You have that right now. Your friend Jesus is just trying to convince you that you indeed have these things. And if you would just believe what you’ve been given, if you would believe what your friend is telling you, you would see it manifest in your life soon enough.

Even before the bills are paid, the body is healed, or the issue is sorted out manifestly, you would be so happy to realize that Jesus won the figurative lottery for you. And if you would allow yourself to be convinced of this, you would see it in your life soon enough.

You’re not rejoicing in advance. No way! You already have it! You’re simply rejoicing in the fact that everything Jesus gave you is meant to manifest! And it surely will manifest if you will allow yourself to become convinced of what He has given you!

Rejoice because you have everything through Jesus! And also rejoice in anticipation of the manifestation of what you have! You have the rights to it through Jesus!

Colossians 1:12 (NKJV) …giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be PARTAKERS of the inheritance (not just to have it inside of us).

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