Category: Receiving For Free

  • No Work Required | 11/21/21

    Pastor Jose Perdomo / Pastor Mike Perdomo

  • There Are No Rewards In Heaven (For Your Good Deeds)

    Length: 8 minutes

    Unfortunately, it is almost common knowledge in the church that when we get to Heaven or when Jesus comes back again, we will all be rewarded for our actions. Supposedly, all of our actions will be tested by fire, and we will be rewarded for the good ones that we’ve done. None of this is even close to being true.

  • Grace Is Not Unmerited Favor

    Length: 4 minutes

    Let’s clarify something right from the start, grace includes “unmerited“ (undeserved) favor, but the Bible does not define grace as “unmerited favor.“ It defines grace as “unworked-for favor.“ Let’s explain.


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