Get A Word

Length: 1 minute

In any situation that you go through, if you are confused, lacking confidence, discouraged, or just don’t know what to think (which none of us do on our own)… you need the voice of God.

Confidence and surety comes from hearing the word of God; and from the word of God alone. If you lack confidence or are discouraged about any situation, it’s because you are not seeing things from God’s perspective. You’re not seeing things from the perspective of what His son did. And so it is vital to ask God “What do you think about this situation?“ You need to get the answer to that question.

And don’t give me the “I can’t hear from God“ line. If you are a believer, yes you can. It may take time, and you shouldn’t try to fake it, but you CAN get a word from God. Begin giving your full attention to the Lord. Stick your nose in a Bible. Ask the Lord to speak to you His perspective on your situation. Ask Him to give you a word to lean on. Again, you don’t have to fake it, but that’s all you need.

The more you get His perspective on your situation — a Jesus centered perspective — the more rigidity and firmness you’ll feel in your heart. Instead of being tossed around by everything you see and hear. If you don’t know what to think, get a word.