Salvation From This World

Most teach that Jesus came to primarily save us from hell. While we are saved from hell, the truth is, Jesus came to save us from this world and every single problem in it!

Free From The Works Of The Devil

Sin is what gave the devil control over us to begin with. So by Jesus forgiving our sins, He has broken the works of the devil over us forever.

Believers Don’t Need Deliverance

It is common to hear about Christians going to deliverance services or feeling that they need deliverance from some stronghold or oppression of the devil. You’ll be happy to find out, believers’ don’t need deliverance! We just need mind renewal of how delivered we are!

Safe From Persecution

We have everything that Jesus has — nothing more, nothing less. Is Jesus hated today? Yes. So then we will be too. Is Jesus dying for the Gospel’s sake today? No, death no longer has dominion over Him. And it doesn’t have dominion over us either.

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