Transformation Basics

How much work did you do to become a new creation? None. You just heard the word of God, believed it, and you were instantly made a new creation inside. Why should change on the outside be any harder? It’s not. It’s just as easy!

Nothing Of You Is Needed

Your talents, abilities, and efforts are not needed in the kingdom of God. Actually they are a detriment to you if you trust in them (Php. 3:8). In the New Covenant, God works through you, so nothing of you is needed.

Rest From Our Works

We believe that good deeds are a necessary part of a believer’s life. We just believe that in the New Covenant, we aren’t the ones that do the good deeds — the Holy Spirit does them through us, as we renew our minds. This gives us rest!


Other people and certain physical things can be used as temporary help if we are struggling with temptation, but the only way to truly be transformed is by changing our thinking!

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