Physical Rituals Basics

Anything earthly is at best, a symbol of Jesus, but at worst, can be a distraction from the truth. It is better to not even take part in a physical ritual if it is distracting from the true Jesus.

Communion (The Lord’s Supper)

Communion is supposed to be a meal to celebrate Jesus’ death — the elements of which (bread and wine) are symbolic and have no significance in themselves. Unfortunately, much of the church has gotten caught in the symbol, instead of the Reality.

The Sabbath

Did you know that the Sabbath is not a day of the week? Resting on a Saturday or Sunday is not the Sabbath. The Bible says that the true Sabbath is observed everyday because of Jesus finished the work!


Circumcision is the biblical symbol for the day your flesh was given complete rest from it’s work!


Is fasting a way to bring your flesh into submission and focus solely on God? There aren’t actually any verses that say that. Fasting has a deeper, more Christ-centered meaning.

Symbolic Timelines Collection

The historically accurate timelines of the Bible also bear symbols of Jesus. Here are a collection of some of those symbolic timelines (many of which are also found in other topics on Reform U).

You can also take a deep dive into the symbols of Jesus, in the Bible, with our Bible Symbols Glossary!

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