Intro To The New Covenant

Everything in this New Covenant is based on Jesus’ work at the cross, not your own! You are not less likely to receive from God when you do something wrong, because it’s all based on Jesus!

Receiving From God Basics

Most Christians believe there are different ways to receive from God. This simply isn’t true. We receive from God day-to-day the same way that we first received salvation. Jesus provided it, we believe it, we receive.

Everything Is Finished

When Jesus said “It is finished,” He wasn’t kidding! God never has to provide any good to humanity ever again. Anything that we receive from God today, was already provided once for all, 2,000 years ago!

Receiving For Free

There is no work of ours that causes God’s blessings to flow. No “act of faith” and no good work is needed before receiving… just faith in Jesus. Receive freely because Jesus paid it all!

Giving And Tithing

Our giving and tithing is not a means of blessing from God at all. Receiving from God only comes through faith in Jesus. Tithing is actually a shadow of new covenant truths!

Faith And Continuance

Learning Jesus for a little while is not enough… you have to keep going! No one has ever been saved or received anything from God by hearing the good news once! There is a growth process before the fruit comes!


Prayer is not how we receive from God. Knowledge of Jesus is the only way to receive from God. Prayer is actually meant to help your faith, which in turn, helps your receiving.

Hope (Expectancy)

If you believe what Jesus has done, you can be assured that you WILL see the glory of God manifest in your life. This sure expectancy is referred to as “hope” in most Bibles.

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