Desire To Know Jesus

Do you feel a lack of desire to know Jesus? The church might say that’s a big problem, but it’s actually no problem at all! If you saw the truth about Jesus, desire would come naturally. The problem is, you don’t know the true goodness of God.

Renewing Your Mind Basics

Jesus already completed everything you could ever need or want! Renewing your mind is simply the process of learning everything that Jesus has already done, and every good thing you already have!

Defining Faith

Christians are trusting that God will come through for them and we call that faith, but it’s actually not. Faith is just seeing in your mind, what Jesus has already done!

God Wants To Teach You Jesus

There are so many different “versions” of the gospel. Which one is true? The Bible says that whichever one teaches what Jesus provided, through His flesh, is the true Gospel — not what you can do for Jesus, but what He did for you!

Natural Vs. Spiritual Thinking

God wants to manifest through us powerfully, but thinking like a natural human being isn’t going to do it for you! We need to start acknowledging the unseen things we have inside!

The Obedience Of Faith

What are God’s commandments? Did you think of the Ten Commandments? Well then you haven’t heard that in this NEW covenant, there is a NEW law. It’s called the obedience of faith.

Loving God

Loving God is nothing more than you believing the love that He demonstrated towards you. You can’t love God with your life. God just wants you to love Him with your mind — that is, to believe Him. Life changing results will follow.

The Fight Of Faith

Christians talk about fighting sin, fighting the power of the devil, or fighting to overcome challenges. All the while, Jesus already fought all of that! The only fight left is a fight against wrong thinking!

True Apologetics

Your faith has proof! Though most Christians try to prove the Gospel through creation or things that are seen. We are able to prove what we believe about the Gospel just by using scripture!

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