Category: Receiving From God Basics

  • God Saw And Provided (Never Unloved) | 5/14/23

    Pastor Jose Perdomo       

  • Read Me My Rights – Part 4

    Length: 3 minutes

    We’ve been talking about how we have full rights to use the power of God, at all times in our day. This is not because we deserve the right by our own works, but our rights and access come from Jesus — which is why we can be so bold.

  • Read Me My Rights – Part 3

    Length: 2 minutes

    Anybody can believe that God can work miracles. Even many unbelievers know that. But it takes someone who knows the cross of Jesus Christ to say that they have been given the right to God’s miraculous power as well.

  • Read Me My Rights – Part 2

    Length: 3 minutes

    It’s not good enough to know that God can work miracles. The kind of believing that receives miracles is believing that Jesus’ sacrifice gives you the right!

  • Read Me My Rights – Part 1

    Length: 1 minutes

    When you talk about healing, being empowered to wealth, raising the dead, or the working of any miracle, your average Christian (and even some people that aren’t Christians) will say, “Oh, I certainly believe that God can do all of those things.” But did you know that even the devil and demons believe that God can do all the above? God doesn’t want you to believe that He “can” do these things. God wants you to believe that Jesus provided these things, and that you have the right to these things through Him.

  • The Fruit And The Seed | 10/9/22

    Pastor Mike Perdomo       

  • We Don’t Need Revival

    Length: 7 minutes

    When people don’t seem to be enthusiastic about God, when things feel “dry“ (as they say), or if nothing much seems to be happening in our lives, what does the church say? “We need revival!” That’s the church’s word for needing a move of God to spice things up again! And as much as God has nothing against reviving people, we simply don’t understand, that for every believer, you’ve already been revived!


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